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Woman Crush Wednesdays

Ask The Table!!!!!

Have you ever had a question that you were to embarrassed to ask, or needed a solution to an issue that you can't comfortably reveal to someone for whatever reason.

Some of us have dealt with things in silent because we were taught it was wrong to feel a certain way or think certain things. 

Good News!!! You can feel free to "Ask the table".  

The table is comprised of several individuals both male and female that have different backgrounds, upbringings, views, statuses and experiences. Not only do you remain annonymus, all questions are answered with love, compassion and an understanding that our purpose is to help one another. You can ask what you need to judgement free and with an expectation that a group of people came together for the best resolution or answer to your question or issue.

Thanks for submitting! Be sure to tune in into the segment to hear your answer.


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