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Women's Ministry


Sisters Cafe is a network of like minded women who live by a system of codes and conduct that bring merit to not only thier lives but the lives that they impact and blieve  that when our sister wins, we win. We strive to empower, uplift, educate and unite.

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Our Mission

The goal is to uplift, empower, educate and unite beautiful, creative, strong, saved and passionate women to a common understanding that when my sister wins, I win.

Meet & Greets


Every month we go into a different city to host a "Meet & Greet" with the wonderful ladies within that area.  During this event we discuss the purpose of Sisters Cafe, we participate in activities that promote unity and allows our sisters to learn more about each other.

The goal is to choose a person who is committed, willing and interested in being a Director that will build and grow a Sisters Cafe in the city where they abide.

For anyone who would like Sisters Cafe to host a "Meet & Greet" in their city or for anyone who is interested in becoming a director please feel free to send an email to 

Join our Network

This is not just a women's ministry.  This is a network of women who support and believe in the motto of "When my Sister Wins, I win.  The goal is to build a network of people and resources that empower and assist one another in various ways.

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