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Peace in Coverage

I remember in my younger years when I didn't have car insurance how nervous I would get when the police were behind me. I kept my eyes in the rear view and I was forever watching around me so that if I needed to hide, I could do it. Oh but when I got fully covered, it was such a relaxed and peaceful feeling not to be worried or concerned.

The same security comes with making sure that in the case that I pass away, my family is not left with grief and debt. That is one of the most horrible combinations there is in life. By no means am I saying that I am ready to die but making sure that they do not have to deal with my debt, trying to raise money for a funeral and burial payments gives me a super great peace of mind.

I have been in both a covered and many uncovered situations and although the grief is still the grief, not having to worry about finances lifts such a great burden from those that are left behind.

Thank the Lord that my children are now grown, so there are certain things I do not have to be concerned about like their college tuition or them needed my income to survive but that wasn't always the case.

My work insurance was not nearly enough to cover what they needed at the time, not even close. Making sure that you have enough coverage is just as important as making sure you are covered.

I stopped by just to advise you to be sure that you have made the necessary plans for your family and love ones should you not be here anymore. The younger you are the better it is to get into a coverage because you don't have the issues that the older generation may have such as certain diagnosis and diseases.

You and your families are important to me.

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